Case Study 2: Kitchen Renovation


The Project:

  • Bungalow Home
  • Year Built: 1960’s
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Approx. 1500 sq. ft.
  • Situation: The original kitchen really needed updating. To minimize the homeowner’s cost, the original kitchen structure was used and the tile floor was left intact as it was in good condition. To further minimize the homeowner’s cost, it was suggested to find finished cabinets instead of ordering new cabinets.
  • Requirements: The homeowner wanted more cabinets, more counter space, updated lighting and a good quality countertop that would work well with the family room colours.

Construction Challenges:

  • The u-shape kitchen was small and had little counter space. We would need to source the right set of cabinets that would allow us to have a new configuration for the appliances and cabinets, keep all walls intact and simultaneously
    increase cabinet and counter space.
  • If the bulkhead could be removed, taller cabinet uppers could be installed for greater storage capacity.
  • The sink was not centered under the window and neither was the light over the sink. Careful measurement for the sink in the new countertop would enable us to centre the sink under the window and the light overhead.

The Solutions:

  • To give the kitchen a more spacious feeling, the wall that had the cutout was removed to create a peninsula. The
    peninsula provided much more counter space and additional seating for meals or entertaining.
  • We found an existing set of kitchen cabinets and created additional cabinet and counter space by removing the
    bulkhead and repositioning the appliances. A new stainless steel sink and faucet as well as stainless steel appliances were installed for a more modern look.
  • A window that was closed in but was not properly insulated was insulated and drywalled to increase wall space and to add more cabinetry.
  • A black granite countertop (Nero Assoluto) tied into the family room colours and completed the new look.

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